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Assisting registrants, family members, and loved ones affected by the sex offender registry. Services areas include employment/job placement, advocacy, coaching, and sex offender registry removal.

Sex Offender Support and Resources

Areas of Expertise

With first-hand experience living on the sex offender registry, I understand the challenges registrants and families face everyday. By providing sex offender support and resources, registrants and their families are better informed on the complexities of the registry.

Sex Offender Registry

I navigate the complexities of the registry for registrants and families.

Take control

Employment & Housing

I locate companies, managers, and landlords that offer second chances.


Coaching & Support

I help registrants and families through coaching sessions by phone or zoom.


Advocacy Marketing

I market your YouTube channel or podcast using effective digital marketing strategies.

sex offender resources, sex offender housing assistance

There are almost one million individuals on the sex offender registry in the United States. My goal it to assist these individuals, their families and loved ones navigate a system that is confusing, frustrating, and extremely challenging. My private services include sex offender support and resources, consulting, jobs for sex offenders, and sex offender housing assistance. In addition, light legal work and other administrative research is also available at an affordable rate. Families of sex offenders can also benefit from these areas of consulting.

By providing safe and non-judgemental services, registrants and their families can focus on more important areas of life instead of spending endless hours searching online for answers. ​

The Numbers Don't Lie


According to NCMEC, as of 2016 there were 859,500 registered sex offenders in United States.

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It is estimated that registries cost states more than 10 million dollars per year to maintain.

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Almost all (95 percent) of sex crimes are committed by someone who would not be on the sex offender registry.

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One study shows sexual recidivism rate was only 5% in the 5 years after release from prison.

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Juvenile offenders account for 25 percent of registrants.

I’m here to help.

sex offender resources, the outspoken consultant

I offer affordable consulting services for people on the registry, families, and loved ones. My phone and zoom coaching sessions are perfect for people seeking accurate answers and support. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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Assisting registrants, family members, and loved ones affected by the sex offender registry.

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