Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Free phone consultations are 30-minutes or less in length and conducted on phone or zoom. All consultations are private and judgement free.
(Consultations are not available for legal advice.)

Or, contact me here:

Text: “TOC” to 833-771-0867 or

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Your Personal Consultant .

I’m here to help if you’re struggling with finding information, general support, or need assistance with your state’s sex offender registry policies.

I offer affordable pricing for my consulting services. Contact me today for more information. I’m on your side.

I'm on the side.

Frequently Asked Questions .

After you contact me, I will contact you back to schedule a 15-minute consult by phone. This will give me a better idea if I can help you further and if I can take you on as a paid client.

No. Though I offer my YouTube channel, podcast, and support forum, my consulting services are a paid, for-profit company.

Yes and no. Because I'm not an attorney, I'm unable to perform these duties. On the other hand, I provide legal research, registry relief information, and legal administrative work.

I can help you locate potential rental properties, though I can't guarantee that a landlord will accept you as a tenant. With that said, I do everything I can to advocate for you and locate rentals in your area with the most potential.

Yes, I have been on the sex offender registry since April, 2012.

Yes, but I do offer a free consultation. For more extensive work, and to be an official client, there is a charge for my services.

I understand your frustration of not being able to find steady work. I can work with potential employers and be a non-official "advocate" to improve your chances of being hired at a job. I also provide employment coaching services.

If you're interested in my coaching and support services, we can talk about anything that's bothering you. These services are private and conducted over zoom or phone.

No. I've been involved in social justice in one form or another since my release from prison in 2012. I've taken this time to produce documentary films, podcasts, public speaking events, and fundraisers. My desire to help others runs deep.

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Assisting registrants, family members, and loved ones affected by the sex offender registry.

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