Sex Offender Housing Assistance/Jobs .

Securing rental housing and employment are two major concerns for registrants and their families. A lot of times, the lack of security causes collateral damage for all involved.

As a registered citizen myself, I have dealt with the constant rejection of housing and employment. Though this has been difficult, I’ve learned how to navigate through registry challenges, and more importantly, the judgment from landlords and managers.

sex offender housing assistance

Professional and Private Consulting .

Identify Housing

I will perform in-depth research for the best rentals in your area. This includes contacting landlords, creating a personal advocacy environment, and working with ministries and nonprofits.

Residency Restrictions

In most states, there are child safety zones, or residency restrictions that dramatically effect where registrants can live. I will help you navigate this confusing process.

Employment Advocacy

Finding a job as a former sex offender is very difficult. I will assist you as a consultant and an advocate to locate the best chance employment offers.

Resumes and Letters

If you are in need of administrative services such as building resumes, cover letters, reference letters, and other important documents, I can assist you in this area as well.

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Assisting registrants, family members, and loved ones affected by the sex offender registry.

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