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I’ve been on the sex offender registry since 2012. I understand the complexities of the registry and the collateral damage that comes along with it. My goal is to help registrants and their families live a more peaceful life by worrying less about the sex offender registry. By offering sex offender services and support, registrants and families gain valuable information. I assist with employment and housing, coaching and general support, and of course the sex offender registry.

Here are a few examples of areas that I can assist with:

rules and restrictions

State rules and restrictions (child safety zones, registry statutes, registry requirements, etc.)


Locating potential employment opportunities.

Rental Housing

Building connections with property managers and locating potential rentals.

Legal Research

Light legal work (I am not a lawyer, though currently working on my paralegal degree.)


Helping families and loved-ones better understand the complex registry.


Empowerment coaching, motivational self-help.


Sex offender resources include relief from the registry and removal information.

Admin Services

General research and administrative services.

Advocacy Marketing

Digital marketing services for individuals and organizations producing YouTube channels, podcasts, and other media.

Sex Offender Registry

Working with registrants and their families navigate the confusing state and national sex offender registry.

Employment & Housing

Locating available rentals and employment opportunities is often difficult for registrants. I can help locate available openings.

Coaching & Support

Sometimes it's best to talk to someone that understands. I offer sex offender support coaching through phone or zoom.

Advocacy Marketing

Digital marketing services for YouTube channels and podcasts related to the criminal justice system, and the sex offender registry.

Sex Offender Resources and Support

my Approach .

As a registrant myself, I understand how challenging life can be while on the “list.” My approach is private, without judgements, and of course safe. As my client, you will find that I’m easy to get along with, very resourceful, and dedicated to this work. Throughout my nine years on the registry, I have worked with organizations such as Women Against Registry. In addition, some of my past work includes a documentary film entitled, NOT FOR RENT!, a feature film about the challenges the formerly incarcerated face when securing rental housing.

You can also find my YouTube channel and podcast on my site, The Outspoken Offender.

The Impact of Sex Offender Registration Laws on Offenders’ Reintegration Into Society

Read this informative dissertation (dated 2020) from Stephanie Rose, Waldon University.

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Assisting registrants, family members, and loved ones affected by the sex offender registry.

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