Sex Offender Registry Assistance .

The sex offender registry is a complicated mess. Each state has its own restrictions and regulations. Navigating the registry especially when you relocate to another state, can be a confusing process.

I help my clients with a variety of issues concerning the sex offender registry including coaching, research, and the registry relief process. Families of sex offenders can also benefit from these services.


Professional and Private Consulting .

General Research

I can conduct research in all areas of the sex offender registry. From state restrictions, to complicated DOC research, I'm available at affordable rates. Families of sex offenders can also benefit from research.

Registry Relief

I'm available for registry relief policies and information on how to be eligible to be removed from the registry. I can also file the required paperwork to begin the registry removal process.

Personal Advocate

Whatever issue your facing with the sex offender registry, I'm here to help. I'm on your side. Though not an attorney, I'm available for personal advocacy services.

Personal Coaching

As a professional consultant, I'm available for weekly coaching sessions. My empowerment coaching is a great way to gain a better understanding of the registry and to become a better you.

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Assisting registrants, family members, and loved ones affected by the sex offender registry.

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